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Why use Vertabelo Mobile ORM?

Database access layer code generator

Vertabelo Mobile ORM is an object-relational mapping for mobile applications. The code generator takes your graphical database model and generates data access objects (DAOs, DTOs) and more - saving hours of repetitive coding. You can generate code directly from Vertabelo graphical interface as well as you can integrate the generator with your build system. When your project changes, just update the database model, regenerate the sources, check the model in the source code repository, then sit back and enjoy your fresh code that's always consistent with the database. And it's fast: you get hundreds of ready-to-use classes in just a few seconds. The generator makes no mistakes and will happily free you from the tedious side of programming.

Type-safe, object-oriented SQL

Vertabelo Mobile ORM provides an object-oriented, type-safe query builder for your SQL. It is implemented by domain specific language (DSL). Queries built using the DSL are always valid, because invalid ones result in compilation errors. The constants from the code generator will speed up your programming, and the IDE provides you with autocompletion based on the names in your database. You'll never make another stupid mistake in a column, table, or view name. If your database structure changes, the code can be regenerated, and any incompatibility is caught by the compiler. Your IDE will take you straight to the broken code.

Fast database structure changes

Database migrations between different application versions are not as trivial as it may look like.

Read more about migrations in this article

It's quite easy to do it wrong. With Vertabelo Mobile ORM you no longer need to worry about it. Just configure our SQLiteOpenHelper (available both for Android and iOS!) by writing only few lines of code plus providing SQL creation and migration scripts in separate files. No more SQL in concatenated strings!

Android and iOS platform support

Vertabelo Mobile ORM allows you to generate database access layer for Android (Java) and iOS (Objective-C) platforms from one database model. It is useful when you have to provide the same application for different platforms.

Seamless datatypes conversion

SQLite has only 5 datatypes (or storage classes, to be precise). Using it together with object-oriented language makes it a real pain – you always need to convert data to the proper Java/Objective-C type. Vertabelo Mobile ORM removes this pain by generating classes with proper datatypes and handling their conversion between object and database representations.


The Vertabelo Mobile ORM creates a thin layer above the database. Everything is built for fast performance.


Vertabelo Mobile ORM does exactly what you tell it to, nothing more. It translates directly to SQL, making it easy to know exactly what's going on. You'll have full control and visibility of database interactions.

SQL-injection safe

Every database command issued by Vertabelo Mobile ORM uses prepared statements. Even if you concatenate strings yourself, there's no possibility that Vertabelo Mobile ORM will use them unquoted. Statements' structure is properly separated from the data. This protects your application from being hacked using SQL-Injection attack.

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